To be considered for publication, all contributors must adhere to the submission guidelines and submit before an issue’s deadline.

The submission deadlines for 2018 are:


Issue #18 Sunday 7 Jan 2018 (closed)

Issue #19 Sunday 11 March 2018

Issue #20 Sunday 24 June 2018

Issue #21 Sunday 2 September 2018


All submissions must be sent to submissions@fedpressonline.com before the submission deadline. Please be advised that we will not accept submissions sent to us via Facebook Messenger.

You must include the following details in the body of your email:

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • Course
  • Year Level
  • Contact Email

It is important that you include the type of submission and the title of your piece in the subject line of your email. All written and visual submissions must be sent as an attachment within the email.

Word Limits

If you aren’t sure, aim for the following:

  • Feature Article (1000 words)
  • Article (500 words)
  • Student News (250 words)
  • Opinion Piece (300 words)
  • Lifestyle Piece (300 words)
  • Reviews (250 words)
  • Creative Writing
    • Short Fiction (1000 words)
    • Poetry (150 words)

We are able to accommodate longer pieces with notice, but obviously space in a print magazine is limited.
If you are wanting to submit a longer piece for our website, please let us know in your submission email. There is no cap on online-only submission length.

Submission Formats
All written submissions must be submitted as a Word document. You must include your name and the title of your piece in the Word document itself, as well as saving it with this information. For example, Star Wars VII Review by Zach Mullane.docx

All visual submissions must be submitted as either a .pdf, .png, .tiff, or .jpeg file. All images must be high resolution (300dpi) in order to be considered for publication. You must save your image using your name and the title of your piece. For example, Man Walking Hot Dog by Adam Lee.tiff