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Interview with Megan Corder

All the way from the USA, we caught up with Campus Life’s new resident intern, Megan Corder. We asked Megan some questions about her exciting time exploring a new country and experiencing what FedUni has to offer during a chilly… Continue Reading →

Crows: Black Birds with Brains?

We’ve all seen or heard of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, but current research suggests that eventually we may be able to do the same with crows. Crows have always held a place within our culture. From Norse… Continue Reading →

Fandom: Why and How We Become Obsessed with Fictional Characters and Places

We’re all familiar with fandom. I’m sure at one point or another in your life you have come to know and love a particular fictional character or place. This love is so great that it evolves into an obsession. We… Continue Reading →

The Final Wall

We had always been farmers. Our village had grown because of the fertile land around us. We had a stream full of fish and we were well guarded by the mountains on one side. Our winters were mild and our… Continue Reading →

New Sound, Same Ol’ Mistakes

Rhianna – Anti (2016) Though Rihanna’s eighth studio album, Anti, probably isn’t the album anybody expected it to be, it’s clear from the on-set that Anti is the album that Rihanna needed to release. Unlike Rihanna’s previous albums — think… Continue Reading →

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