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Halting the French Revolution

The French revolution, one of the most terrifying political revolts in human history, changed not only France but every Europeans nation’s social ideals. But what if this bloody 10-year revolt had never happened?

When You’re a Course Chameleon (and why it’s okay)

I’ve been at university for almost three-and-a-half years now. In that time I’ve transferred universities once and changed my program three times. Yes, you read that correctly, three times. When I first applied for university I wanted to be an… Continue Reading →

A Call to Alms

By Rebecca Fletcher I’ve never met anyone who’s told me that they need more stress in their life or that they didn’t feel like they had enough to do. Day-to-day living seems more than enough, never mind the constant reminders… Continue Reading →

Are We Forgetting the Past?

The world is more connected than ever before. Yes, that line has probably been said more times than can be physically counted. Yet, as a planet, most of us don’t know where we came from. Not as individuals, but our… Continue Reading →

Modern Feminism

Feminism is the belief that women are political, economic, social and intellectual equals to men, and should be treated as such. The fundamental elements of feminism revolve around the principle that just because human bodies are designed to perform certain… Continue Reading →

Holding Out For A Hero

Batman. Superman. Spiderman. Daredevil. The Green Lantern. and The Punisher. What do these famous comic book characters all have in common? “Dead family members?” I hear you yell out. Well, that’s certainly one thing, but another more important thing they… Continue Reading →

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