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The Number Four

Coming back to uni after working has reinforced something I have suspected for a while: I can’t think more than four moves ahead.

Letting Go

Letting Go   I have had the bones of this article floating around in my head for so long that you could make a stock out of my brain juice.

Micro Escapes

Stepping out of your routine every now and then should be a requirement for all students.

The Prison of Human Self

While we humans think that we rule nature and claim power over it, in reality we are being held captive in our own prison which is slowly shaping itself in a different pattern in each life. 

The Changing of the Guard

People, people everywhere and more on their way.

We the outspoken

I have been in and out of universities for a long time, and there are a few stereotypes that have not changed, specifically the outspoken (often mature-age) student in discussion groups.

Halting the French Revolution

The French revolution, one of the most terrifying political revolts in human history, changed not only France but every Europeans nation’s social ideals. But what if this bloody 10-year revolt had never happened?

💯 ✔👌

I’ve been thinking a lot about emojis, and it’s not just because I’m a thrilling, up-to-the-minute individual — to be honest it’s probably because I spend way too much time on Reddit. I spend a lot of time thinking about… Continue Reading →

What Will the University Look Like in the Future?

  After the rousing reception that my previous article looking towards the past received, I turn my blurry eyes to the future of higher education, and what FedUni will look like after we are all long gone. Of course, it… Continue Reading →

When You’re a Course Chameleon (and why it’s okay)

I’ve been at university for almost three-and-a-half years now. In that time I’ve transferred universities once and changed my program three times. Yes, you read that correctly, three times. When I first applied for university I wanted to be an… Continue Reading →

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