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Drivers of Compassion and Love: a Visit to the United Nations

I so often take gifts like safe drinking water for granted! It’s crazy to think that one in ten people do not have access to something so readily available in countries like Australia.

Inspire greatness in others

On Friday 28 April 2017, 22 Berwick, Churchill, and Mt Helen FedUni students travelled to one location to display their strengths and help each other work through questions regarding leadership.

Voice, existence and empowerment 

  The motto of Rainbow Collective is to provide a voice and presence, as well as empowerment, for many LGBT+ people and young people who may struggle with finding acceptance, even in today’s society.

NTE Conference Recount

It’s easy to feel hopeless. Sometimes circumstances leave us thinking life isn’t worth it, and our challenges can seem painful, our hardships long and our work never-ending. Many years ago a powerful king by the name of Solomon wrote what… Continue Reading →

A Hike to Higher Education: Maria Island Trek

I had the amazing privilege of being a part of the ‘Hike to Higher Education’ program in 2016. Ambassadors from the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), volunteers from Anglicare Victoria, and representatives of Federation University formed part of the… Continue Reading →


1,2, what can we do? 3,4, we can do more! 5 #PickUp6 by Freya Fogliani We don’t need to look far to see rubbish all around us, on our streets, in waterways, oceans and yes, even on campus. Pollution is… Continue Reading →

2016 Change Making Conference

I’ll be honest, after attending the 2015 One Small Thing leadership conference, I was a little disappointed. It was a combination of factors: I wasn’t a fan of the keynote presentation and I felt like the workshops had been misrepresented… Continue Reading →

SSAF Service of the Month (September)

Your Student Senate brings you September’s SSAF Service of the Month: FedPress Magazine. FedPress is Federation University’s student publication. There are four print issue copies of the magazine produced each year, as well as online content on their website. A… Continue Reading →

Social Soccer

Running social soccer last semester, I really enjoyed watching the games and seeing the enjoyment that all the students had while playing. I believe that in any community having social events, such as soccer, is very important. In my first… Continue Reading →

My Journey at FedUni so Far

My exciting journey started when I first stepped onto my FedUni campus. Everything was new to me and everyone was so welcoming that I felt positive whenever I was there. In my first semester I attended the ‘One Small Thing’… Continue Reading →

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