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Short Fiction

I Don’t Think This Is Meant To Be On Fire

Words by Zach Mullane “There’s something weird going on here.” I called to my housemate who was watching a movie in the lounge room. “What the hell are you talking about? Just bring in the chips.” “I don’t know Bill,… Continue Reading →

Plum Girl

I wish I was a girl selling plums; one from the olden days who walked around the noisy, dirty, cobblestoned streets of London, where dozens of people shoved past you without giving you a second look. But in actual fact,… Continue Reading →

Charlie Blue Eyes

“I remember the wedding, Daddy,” announced six-year-old Charlie Blue. He held in his hands a picture of his parents, Charleen and Jason, on their wedding day. “No, mate, you remember me telling you about the wedding,”  Jason stroked Charlie’s blonde… Continue Reading →

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