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Eat ’em Alive

Time is a funny concept. It’s universal, but it has been measured differently in different cultures throughout history.

The Number Four

Coming back to uni after working has reinforced something I have suspected for a while: I can’t think more than four moves ahead.

Letting Go

Letting Go   I have had the bones of this article floating around in my head for so long that you could make a stock out of my brain juice.

Micro Escapes

Stepping out of your routine every now and then should be a requirement for all students.

The Study Age

I’ve been preparing all my life to discuss this topic — the changing of the guard — with FedPress transitioning to a new team and me transitioning to being a student again as a middle-aged woman in 2017.

My Journey

My name is Mohammad Sami Baadarani; I am an international student, studying my Master of Technology (Software Engineering). I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, where I attended a French language school, and a French language university for my bachelor degree.

Your Eastern zodiac fortunes

Once again we simultaneously save and condemn you and everyone you love, depending on which year you were born.

Inspire greatness in others

On Friday 28 April 2017, 22 Berwick, Churchill, and Mt Helen FedUni students travelled to one location to display their strengths and help each other work through questions regarding leadership.

Voice, existence and empowerment 

  The motto of Rainbow Collective is to provide a voice and presence, as well as empowerment, for many LGBT+ people and young people who may struggle with finding acceptance, even in today’s society.

My Story

My name is Su Khaing Toe Aye and I’m from a refugee camp in Thailand called Mae La refugee camp. I was born in the camp in 1992 and I came to Australia in 2007.

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