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Why We Must Care: The Robot Philosopher

We are not machines newly constructed for our current realities — Stephen Jay Gould.

Letting Go

Letting Go   I have had the bones of this article floating around in my head for so long that you could make a stock out of my brain juice.

The Study Age

I’ve been preparing all my life to discuss this topic — the changing of the guard — with FedPress transitioning to a new team and me transitioning to being a student again as a middle-aged woman in 2017.

We the outspoken

I have been in and out of universities for a long time, and there are a few stereotypes that have not changed, specifically the outspoken (often mature-age) student in discussion groups.

Halting the French Revolution

The French revolution, one of the most terrifying political revolts in human history, changed not only France but every Europeans nation’s social ideals. But what if this bloody 10-year revolt had never happened?

💯 ✔👌

I’ve been thinking a lot about emojis, and it’s not just because I’m a thrilling, up-to-the-minute individual — to be honest it’s probably because I spend way too much time on Reddit. I spend a lot of time thinking about… Continue Reading →

The National Broadband Network: is it just a national nuisance?

It seems there isn’t a day without the National Broadband Network (NBN) being the topic of conversation. Lately, it’s been getting dragged through the mud more often than emphasised as a move in the right direction, and rightfully so. Since… Continue Reading →

What Will the University Look Like in the Future?

  After the rousing reception that my previous article looking towards the past received, I turn my blurry eyes to the future of higher education, and what FedUni will look like after we are all long gone. Of course, it… Continue Reading →

Will the Baltic States Be Around in 20 Years?

Throughout time the Baltic region has been a devastating mixing pot of religion, war, and social conquest, and the recent stabilisation of the Baltic states may not last in the near future. It was only when the great Soviet Empire… Continue Reading →

From Yesterday’s Teenagers to Today’s Millennials: a comparison

It was a humid summer’s afternoon in Bendigo’s CBD. The fountain on my left was as dry as a bone and will continue to be so until Bendigo’s inhabitants cease requiring hydration to stay alive. My size 11 hooves, encased… Continue Reading →

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