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Halting the French Revolution

The French revolution, one of the most terrifying political revolts in human history, changed not only France but every Europeans nation’s social ideals. But what if this bloody 10-year revolt had never happened?

The National Broadband Network: is it just a national nuisance?

It seems there isn’t a day without the National Broadband Network (NBN) being the topic of conversation. Lately, it’s been getting dragged through the mud more often than emphasised as a move in the right direction, and rightfully so. Since… Continue Reading →

What Will the University Look Like in the Future?

  After the rousing reception that my previous article looking towards the past received, I turn my blurry eyes to the future of higher education, and what FedUni will look like after we are all long gone. Of course, it… Continue Reading →

Will the Baltic States Be Around in 20 Years?

Throughout time the Baltic region has been a devastating mixing pot of religion, war, and social conquest, and the recent stabilisation of the Baltic states may not last in the near future. It was only when the great Soviet Empire… Continue Reading →

From Yesterday’s Teenagers to Today’s Millennials: a comparison

It was a humid summer’s afternoon in Bendigo’s CBD. The fountain on my left was as dry as a bone and will continue to be so until Bendigo’s inhabitants cease requiring hydration to stay alive. My size 11 hooves, encased… Continue Reading →

When You’re a Course Chameleon (and why it’s okay)

I’ve been at university for almost three-and-a-half years now. In that time I’ve transferred universities once and changed my program three times. Yes, you read that correctly, three times. When I first applied for university I wanted to be an… Continue Reading →

Press Buy to Win: An Investigation of Microtransactions in Gaming

In years gone by, video games used to be released complete, with no opportunity for patches and post-release content. Any extra content that was added later on would be sold as an expansion, usually adding new content, balancing gameplay, and… Continue Reading →

Vaccines and Pseudoscientific Woo

There has been a lot of attention on vaccines in the last few months, particularly disgraced MD Andrew Wakefield’s recent attempt to show his anti-vaccination movie at the Tribeca film festival and subsequent public condemnation. This attention will increase as… Continue Reading →

Diwali with Jayanthi

Diwali (North India) or Deepavali (South India) is a Hindu festival that is celebrated by Hindus across the world to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Hindus mark the symbolism of this event by lighting… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Discovered from Constantly Attempting to Learn Another Language

Every time a holiday rolls around, I find myself picking up where I left off in my quest to learn a new language. Each time I have learnt something new and very interesting, which prompts me to consider a completely… Continue Reading →

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