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Horoscopes: African Zodiac

The African Zodiac signs are based upon the ancestral symbols of African culture and it is likely to focus on the strengths and weaknesses you possess and by which you are able to understand your life in a different light… Continue Reading →

Your Eastern zodiac fortunes

Once again we simultaneously save and condemn you and everyone you love, depending on which year you were born.


The Masked Zamboni! reads your horoscopes.

America’s Angel, Ariana Returns: Dangerous Woman

A review of Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande by Scarlette Baum From one ‘scandal’ to the next, baby-doll dress donning diva Ariana Grande has kept her name and her image in the media between studio album releases. Finally, Grande is now… Continue Reading →

Will I Ever See This Song the Same Again

If you’re a fan of rock, odds are you’re familiar with the song ’Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again‘ by The Angels. Even if you only have a casual interest, you probably recognise the response to the chorus… Continue Reading →

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