We are not machines newly constructed for our current realities — Stephen Jay Gould.


Quite the opposite, we have been around for millions of years, the miracle of life stretched even beyond our capacity for imagination to billions of years before the youngest human babies were born — to the earliest ancestors of all life on Earth. Have we learned anything in all this time, or have we continuously evolved around the same circles?


Why do we invent the things that create fear and build pessimistic perceptions of future society? If an argument lasts for more than five minutes then both sides are wrong. Emergent truths are what we need to work together as zealots (fanatically committed fighters) for positive change. Maybe it would just be enough for us to care and be like seeds of hope in a blurred field of lies.


We have so much potential in our society to make great difference and we only use our minds, hands and eyes to move and read our iPhone screens or glaze over mega TVs plastered over the walls. When they break, they are cast away. Not too long ago we used to come together as communities and repair things. Now a person will just enter a department store hundreds of stories high, constructed of ugly steel, and come out with a replacement. Who knows where the old one has ended up? Does one person’s trash equals another’s treasure? Maybe, if we still invented things with the curiosity and creativity of the elder age.


Is it sane for us to just keep wanting more and more? Maybe we should just let AI perform that function for us? Will we have robot economists, scientists, philosophers, historians, and artists? Perhaps it wouldn’t be scary, we just don’t know, I think it’s our turn to take the risk towards finding out. I err on the side of caution because my utopia would be one where love and kindness prevail. In my opinion it’s not sane to think that we are all powerful and constantly take more than give. How will art inspire the heart if it’s not created by natural hand? Is intelligence, pursuit of extravagance, extra, extra! read all about it! really everything? What motivation do we have to even be here on Earth if we live without caring for it? What if we were going to be electrical chips rather than real beings? An electrical chip cannot be brought up with the same unconditional love of a child. If we wake up to not needing everyone to be happy, we can live for what we have and what we need rather than want. If we can take risks and feel more alive before we are dead, we will have cared enough to realise the meaning of life. Which may just be living a life that is filled with wonder, not possessions and caring for all that is around us.


A peer through a pinhole camera into the past could tell us a lot about the future we may be racing towards. But you know what? We do have the power to decide its path! We have appeared on Earth for many reasons and it’s up to us, those alive today, to choose where we will walk towards tomorrow, bringing these ideas with us (or not). Are we changing the guard of the keys for life to someone who will shield it right? Who knows, I hope they are someone we can trust, or someone who will reward a chance. My flood of thoughts is finished and my pen may be nearly out of ink, but before I reach for another one, I implore you to try and write your future. Be a guardian for what you hold closest to your heart, because if you don’t find your story,  be it a mission to follow, or someone to be and share the world with those around you, the conversation and memories will be blocked before they can even be conceived.


Try to find what your fight is and you will be living larger than you ever did. You will be able to say with emerging truth that no machine will buy over your belief in a strong voice and love for the Earth and everything on it. Why? Because, we fall through an abyss between space and time and if we stand for nothing, we stand on nothing. Your life is the most precious thing given to you. In his 2009 commencement speech at the University of Portland, Paul Hawken said, “This is your century take it and run with it.” Sprint as if your very being, and that of all that you care for deeply, depends on it.


by Freya Fogliani