The African Zodiac signs are based upon the ancestral symbols of African culture and it is likely to focus on the strengths and weaknesses you possess and by which you are able to understand your life in a different light and uncover the path to improvement.


The Baobob Tree
4 January – 3 February

The Boabob Tree is revered amongst the people of Africa, both for its great stature and its life-sustaining properties. While none of these qualities apply to you, don’t let that thought hold you back from trying your absolute best.

Lucky pose: Front double biceps in front of the mirror


The Wealth of Amber and Silver
4 February – 5 March

People born under this sign are often smart, quick thinkers with agile minds that are always active and moving onto the next thing. Unfortunately for you, the keyword in that description is ‘often’.

Lucky item: Cheat sheet


The Family
6 March – 4 April

Members of the sign of The Family are caring, scrupulous and selfless counsellors with the ability to perform great accomplishments. If only someone could tell you where to direct this power, instead of wasting your life responding to trolls on Facebook.

Lucky habit: Regular personal hygiene


Small Services to the Neighbourhood
5 April – 4 May

People belonging to the sign of Small Services are well known for their ability to come through in a crisis. Your challenge this season is to ensure any crises you face aren’t because of your other well-known trait: procrastination.

Lucky organisation: The US government


The Market
5 May – 4 June

Market people are boistrous and loud, emotional and dramatic, much like a marketplace. While these traits may be perfect for the stage, you’ll discover this season that there are times when others don’t appreciate this so much, like during exams, evaluations and funerals.

Lucky actor: Brian Blessed


The Ancestor
5 June – 4 July

Those born under the most revered sign of the African zodiac tend to be natural leaders who are able to help others achieve success , making them loved by all. Unfortunately, you also can’t stand being around, let alone caring for, other people.

Lucky personal challenge: Sufferance


The Judge
5 July – 4 August

Judges are known for their friendliness, impartiality, grounded outlook and fair-mindedness. While often looked up to for these traits, this does not mean that your racist, sexist, or classist viewpoints are going to be tolerated by others, let alone listened to.

Lucky media: The internet echo chamber


The Kola Nut
5 August – 3 September

Kola nuts are filled to the brim with caffeine, and people under this sign are often wild and unpredictable. If, despite living a difficult life against the odds, you can manage to reach even middle age, you’ll have plenty of tales to tell.

Lucky expense: Health insurance


The Traveller
4 September – 3 October

Travellers are constantly looking for new experiences, seeking new insights into life. This search for meaning and understanding is to be both admired and pitied — admired for the character it builds, pitied because you can’t pay the bills selling handicrafts on Etsy.

Lucky coupon code: “INEEDTOEAT” for a 10% discount


The Distance
4 October – 3 November

Dreamers, philosphers and non-conformists are often found in this sign. Averse to constricting boundaries and binding rules, they can still rise to greatness. Remember that the best way to avoid those disliked restrictions is simple: plan to fail more.


The Child of the World
4 November – 3 December

Children of the World usually lead quieter, more secure lives, tied with a generous nature which many can find attractive. While this might seem boring to others, the bright side is that at least you know there’s something people will find attractive about you.

Lucky clothing: Paper bag


The Harvest in the Granary
4 December – 3 January

The generosity, zest for life and loyalty of Harvest people is second to none, leading to others sometimes believing you lead a charmed life. Just remember to keep secret the diabolical knowledge that was shared as payment for that life.

Lucky friend: The man in your portrait


by Madame Zemora Zola