People, people everywhere and more on their way. The roads were filling with a melting pot of nationalities. Various nations watch the changing of the guard ceremony and have done so for generations. London boasts about the significance of the changing of the guard, however, the one I am going to talk about does not have the same pomp and ceremony, but is just as important.

The reason they change the guards is to keep a fresh perspective on the security of the palace. So, when FedPress has a changing of the guard, they are looking to keep a fresh set of eyes and a clear mind at the helm. A dedicated group of people who keep the rest of the student body up with the news and also share some helpful information with us.

These people are not full-time journalists, but fellow students who give up their time (and sanity) to produce the magazine, do their assignments and attend classes. I personally would like thank all the present members of the FedPress team and wish them the best in their future endeavours.

To the incoming band of adventurous souls, my heartiest congratulations on taking on the challenge. Listen to the advice given by the previous team and add your own tweaks to show your ownership. With a diverse student membership it will present an opportunity for you to spread your wings in many directions.

Thank you and good luck in the future.


By James Charlton