On Friday 28 April 2017, 22 Berwick, Churchill, and Mt Helen FedUni students travelled to one location to display their strengths and help each other work through questions regarding leadership. The two night leadership camp involved students working together to strive for the impossible and achieve greatness. Workshops were run by current students and leaders, challenging students to reflect and think about their skills and how they could become better everyday leaders.


Friday started with volunteering at Mt Worth National Park, where we worked together to clear walking paths for visitors. Helped by local volunteers Merrin and Paul, the work challenged many of us. Cutting down large amounts of tree branches to make the path clear, coupled with leeches, made the volunteering opportunity just a little bit more difficult, but also more rewarding. The walk allowed all the students to see the beauty of the environment, giving us a chance to experience the growth that happens when someone has a go. This opportunity allowed me to experience and learn skills I never thought I had.


The whole group found they were challenged by the volunteering activity because it tested us in many ways, but this was only the start. On leaving the national park, we were off to the next location which was our base for the two night camp. Upon arriving we were introduced to the theme of the camp ‘Endurance: Building resilient leaders for sustainable development’.


Our first night together involved us sitting around a bonfire and getting know each other. By the end of the night we had found our similarities and differences. We reflected on what we were grateful for and what we expected to get out of the camp for the weekend. We learned so much about each other just by sharing some stuff about ourselves. Listening to the others I could quickly work out that there was going to be a huge amount of team work and cohesion amongst the group. Most of us got an early night and were up bright and early for our activities.


The next day started out with activities run by The Summit Camp leaders, where the tasks challenged us in different ways. All the activities challenged a part of our mental, physical or emotional abilities. It was great to see that everyone in our group had a go at everything; whether it was just stepping onto an obstacle and getting off, touching the tip of a snake’s tail, going to the highest flying fox level, jumping the leap of faith when fearing heights, or walking through a dark tunnel, everyone achieved something new over the weekend. The weekend allowed us to step out of our comfort zones and improve our resilience.


On behalf of the FedUni students, I would like to thank the Leadership and Volunteering Office for organising the camp for those students who were keen to inspire themselves and others. Thank you to Claire, who accompanied us as the FedUni staff member. Thank you to Felicity, Ab, Gary (Hangyu) and Freya for stepping up this year and taking on some of the leadership workshops. Outside of the University, I would also like to thank The Summit Camp leaders who inspired and challenged us. Thank you to Merrin and Paul from the Friends of Mt Worth Group for your welcoming hospitality to your National Park. Personally, I would like to thank everyone who came to the camp; meeting you all and having the opportunity to work with you was great. I hope I can see you all show others the endurance you now have to be a resilient leader in the community!


by Selin Kasif