The motto of Rainbow Collective is to provide a voice and presence, as well as empowerment, for many LGBT+ people and young people who may struggle with finding acceptance, even in today’s society. Join our team to make a positive change for these people.


Rainbow Collective: Next Generation

Earlier this year we proudly accomplished one of our biggest projects — RC: Next Generation,  a short documentary, produced by current president Julian Cheung, that provides insight to the LGBT+ mindset, as well as the burdens many people overlook, and why an LGBT+ support network is still essential.

You can watch it at



Q-Space, the common area/lounge for our club, was established in late 2016 and is located at T119 at Mt Helen. Anybody can access it through key request at the Student Connect office (Albert Coates F/1). It is a place for members (or non-members) of the club to connect to hang out, participate in meetings and spend quiet time at if required. It is a safe space, especially for LGBT+ students who seek support from our network.


RC Social Events

  • Games nights
  • Movie nights
  • Wine and cheese nights
  • Coffee, cake and chat forums
  • Lunch sessions at Q-Space
  • Market stall fun!

Everyone is welcome at these events: they are completely free and everything is organised by students. Funding can be a problem sometimes so small coin donations are more than appreciated by our club.


No matter what, there will always be little specks of dust, and there will be negative people. However, if we all come together and stand as one, that negativity will become smaller and smaller. Rainbow Collective strives to make everyone feel safe, welcomed and loved ♥


FB page: FedUni Rainbow Collective


By the Rainbow Collective Committee