If you saw someone leave a brown paper bag from The Hub on a bench, would you step up and say something? How about if you saw someone step on a small plant, whether or not that personrealised their mistake? Would you tell them?

A group of students say, “Enough is enough!” and YOU could HELP us make a difference! Yes, we’re talking to you! We know you’re reading this, and we want you to take action and help the next generation. To quote some inspirational guy in America, hundreds of years ago, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” (Chief Seattle, a hundred years ago). See that APA reference style? Yeah, you like that…

Anyway, we better get serious and get to the point: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

This semester’s ENACTUS students are developing a pilot program to tackle the issues surrounding environmental factors at Mt Helen, and are actively looking for staff and students to volunteer their time or money to help us:

  • Clean up waste around the wetlands area
  • Plant native trees, shrubs and grasses
  • Recycle the waste we have collected, and reuse the stakes and guards donated by Landcare Victoria


What is ENACTUS?

ENACTUS is a global student organisation bringing together business leaders and students ‘to Enable Progress through Entrepreneurial Action’.


Entrepreneurial — initiating business innovation with integrity and passion

ACTion — the experience of social impact that sparks social enterprise

US — student, academic, and business leaders collaborating to create a better world


Our project — PRAC

The ENACTUS Planting, Recycling, and Clean-up (PRAC) Project is a pilot program organised by a team of dedicated business students from Federation University Australia’s Mt Helen Campus, focused on sustainable environmental issues and practices. By fostering resourcefulness, custodianship, and collaboration with academics, university leaders, and the wider community, ENACTUS PRAC aims to revive the indigenous environment and create a successful business model that can be adapted by other communities.

PRAC was designed to tackle issues and environmental factors including removal of waste, planting native plants, and recycling the materials we have accumulated. By collaborating with stakeholders such as students, academics, university leaders, and the local community, we can take action and develop a better solution to deal with the environmental issues identified.


Upcoming Events

The ENACTUS team have organised the following events during National Volunteer Week (Week 9 of Semester 1). Your volunteer hours do count towards your Leadership Award and you can add this opportunity to your résumé!

8 May 11am–1pm: BBQ in Mt Helen quad

9 May 10am–1pm: Clean up at the Mt Helen North Terrace Wetlands

10 May 10am–1pm: Planting native trees, shrubs and grasses at Mt Helen Main Carpark and East Terrace

Dates and times might change, so if you’re interested in helping us, tell us on our Facebook Group.

Facebook: @FedUniEnactus

Twitter: @FedUni_Enactus


by Gemma Hall