Misdirected — felt distant, inept

unaware of where to next


Waves crossing a pebbly shore, bubbled out, wobbled —

Through the air

wind catches

Soft music playing —

not acquiescently


Come before, existed for a while —

Born again

In renewed dawn, morning dewglistened grasses

Alive, promised adventure awaits

Apprehensive, excited, daring

To succeed


No longer misdirected

Voluntary traveller on unbroken dreamroads

Education once started never ends

The sea unchartered

land barren

Dust carried on the wings of mistakes

made, forgiven

Try again






New beginnings equate to neverbeforeseen possibilities

Carve the way forward through

the world of undefined
Questioning and answering

inquisitive, inspired actioners defined


Voices of those ready

attend to reality

Hear them

Crying on the winds
across the pebbly shores of time


by Freya Fogliani


Note to Reader: New Beginnings was inspired by the style of E. E. Cummings, who stepped outside the normal conventions of poetry and grammar. I like this style because it’s more out-there and that’s what you should experience at university, the chance to be creative and experiment — make the most of it! Whether you’re new to uni life or an old hand at study, you’ll relate to the free flow and (perhaps) nervous energy present here.



Pebble Beach on Smooth Island Tasmania” by tvol is licensed under CC BY 4.0