by Selin Kasif


University life is full of many exciting, yet also challenging, experiences. When coming to university, I never thought that living away from home on campus would be the most challenging thing. I moved out of home fresh out of school, little to no money, and a whole new world ready for me to take on.

Here’s a list of tips I believe may help you survive living away from home and on campus. Good luck to the first timers. Res will be some of the best years of your life, enjoy it!

surviveuni3-01Selin’s survival list for Residence:

  1. Your swipe card is your lifeline, if you lose it you can’t get into your room or your unit, so carry it around with you all the time!
  2. Label all your belongings, particularly your kitchen utensils. I guarantee you that your stuff will go missing or be misplaced.
  3. Wash your dishes after use. No one likes a person who is untidy. Wash your dishes, dry them and place them into your cupboard.
  4. Take on whatever is on offer: attend special dinners, sporting events and all the other things FedUni Living has to offer. It’s a great way to meet people and have fun.
  5. Close your windows when leaving your room, no one wants an unwanted visitor, especially if you’re living on the ground floor. In summer, mosquitos will find a way into your room, and in winter possums are known to make a visit.
  6. Respect your housemates, sometimes people will want to be alone to study. Respect each other’s private space and wishes.
  7. If you have a car, park between the lines! Also, be mindful when opening car doors not to smash them into the car next to yours!
  8. Most importantly, have fun, enjoy your time on Res and make unforgettable memories!


Have a great time on Res in 2017.