Voices scream it out

For all who listen with open ear,

Tales of all different kinds.

All those daring, fierce and brave,

Change the small and big

Things, petty and important too — we’re

Aiming to live in the light of a candle’s

Burning flame.


Ours is the story, it is deemed.

We are the change.

Makers of action and power.

Like pollen from a flower

We fuel the smallest bee

Harvesting the world into a hive of energy.


Create the change,

Drive the passion.

It isn’t impossible to do.

Stand to be, take the lead

Then you’ll shine.

Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Along life’s wild ride.


Through a caterpillar’s eyes

Emerge butterfly wings.

Is life’s greatest change

Processed to near perfection,

Beauty showcases its grand design.


Tales of all different kinds.
Change the story.

Their beginnings are found in YOU!


Words by Freya Fogliani