Yes folks, you read that right! FedUni has successfully created its own Quidditch team and they have been training hard this semester. It has been a challenge to learn a whole new sport, full of complex rules, different techniques, and of course, flying around on broomsticks (we don’t actually fly, yo), but everybody has coped tremendously well and have picked things up quickly.


For those of you thinking Quidditch? That sounds crazy and made up, it kind of is. Quidditch is a fictional sport created by author J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter novels. However, it was adapted into a real sport in America back in 2005 and has been developing ever since. The sport has gained quite a following and is now being played internationally by countless countries competing in their own leagues. As well as against other countries in the numerous World Cups that have been held (Australia taking out the gold earlier this year). There are currently seven teams in the Victorian league, however they are all based in Melbourne making it difficult for regional Victorians to participate in the sport. Bringing Quidditch to FedUni gives regional students the opportunity to be a part of all the fun!


So, how’s it all going I hear you ask? The year started off slowly, in an attempt to arrange the administrative side of things. We held a ‘come and try’ session to kick things off and gauge interest, and we organised a committee of students determined to make things happen. Once club affiliation was finalised, we were able to start training sessions which have kicked off successfully this semester after drumming up more hype at Market Stalls Day. So far we’ve been developing basic skills and introducing the unique Quidditch elements each week. We’ve been lucky enough to have good numbers at training sessions and as a team we have definitely grown together. We raised some money at our recent barbeque and have been busy organising our own equipment (they don’t sell broomsticks at Rebel Sport). After considering team names, we have finally settled on… The Federation Horntails!

There has been so much happening and so many exciting things to come. It may induce laughter but Quidditch is real and it is happening! Whether you’ve been playing footy all your life or whether you are brave enough to step out from behind the pages of the latest book you’ve been reading, we want you! No previous experience is required, no fancy sports clothes are needed (what even is Activewear?) and you don’t even have to like Harry Potter!


If you are interested in getting fit in a relaxed environment, want to be a part of a team, meet new people, goof around with a bunch of nerds, learn something new or just have some plain ol’ fun, rock along to Quidditch and give it a shot, we’d love to have you!

We’re currently training from 5–6pm on Mondays in the Mt Helen Brown Gym in P Building.

Words by Sarah Wynen