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October 2016

Neopets in Focus: When a Website Refuses to Embrace Change

If you type most websites into the Wayback Machine — a site dedicated to indexing the past and present of the Internet’s webpages — and have a browse, you’ll find most websites have evolved and changed their webpages in order… Continue Reading →

Press Buy to Win: An Investigation of Microtransactions in Gaming

In years gone by, video games used to be released complete, with no opportunity for patches and post-release content. Any extra content that was added later on would be sold as an expansion, usually adding new content, balancing gameplay, and… Continue Reading →

Plight of Change

Voices scream it out For all who listen with open ear, Tales of all different kinds. All those daring, fierce and brave, Change the small and big Things, petty and important too — we’re Aiming to live in the light… Continue Reading →

Vaccines and Pseudoscientific Woo

There has been a lot of attention on vaccines in the last few months, particularly disgraced MD Andrew Wakefield’s recent attempt to show his anti-vaccination movie at the Tribeca film festival and subsequent public condemnation. This attention will increase as… Continue Reading →


There is a path in my backyard. I don’t know where it leads and that is why I love it. What I love most is the feeling of adventure I get when I glance upon it. Sometimes I sit cross-legged… Continue Reading →

Diwali with Jayanthi

Diwali (North India) or Deepavali (South India) is a Hindu festival that is celebrated by Hindus across the world to mark the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Hindus mark the symbolism of this event by lighting… Continue Reading →

2016 Change Making Conference

I’ll be honest, after attending the 2015 One Small Thing leadership conference, I was a little disappointed. It was a combination of factors: I wasn’t a fan of the keynote presentation and I felt like the workshops had been misrepresented… Continue Reading →


When you hear the word ‘dream’, it’s usually associated with something positive, right? For example, people often refer to their real-life aspirations as ‘dreams’, or describe their ideal partner as their ‘dream boy’ or ‘dream girl’. This notion that dreams… Continue Reading →

Soft Sounds for Sad Souls

I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It by The 1975 On 26 February, British band The 1975 released their sophomore album, I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So… Continue Reading →

Quidditch Has Officially Arrived at Federation University

Yes folks, you read that right! FedUni has successfully created its own Quidditch team and they have been training hard this semester. It has been a challenge to learn a whole new sport, full of complex rules, different techniques, and… Continue Reading →

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