Your Student Senate brings you September’s SSAF Service of the Month: FedPress Magazine.

FedPress is Federation University’s student publication. There are four print issue copies of the magazine produced each year, as well as online content on their website.

A portion of the SSAF funding is allocated to FedPress each year and this covers the cost of printing the magazine, as well as catering for issue launches. In the past, SSAF has also covered the cost of editorial and design software licenses.

The FedPress editorial team comprises around thirty students from the Mt Helen, Camp Street, and Gippsland campuses, as well as online students — all volunteers. It takes the writing, editing, and design teams between 60 and 70 hours to put together an issue, and there is also around 30 hours a week of administrative work, including time spent promoting the publication and its content across social media, and uploading content to the website.


At the beginning of each year, a production schedule is put together outlining submission and publication deadlines. Student Connect rely on the editorial team to have each issue released in the first week of every term, and it takes close to a month for an issue to come together. Because every member of the editorial team is a student, they are required to manage their commitment to FedPress around their university assessments, exams, etc., and work throughout the lecture breaks.

Editorial meetings are held regularly to discuss ideas and generate a content list for the upcoming issue. The content list for each issue is published on social media, as well as several advertisements promoting the submission deadline. Once the deadline has closed, the submitted content is sent to copy editors who work with the authors to get the submissions to publishing standard, which includes ensuring adherence to the FedPress Style Guide and enhancing readability, before all the content is reviewed by the Editor. The Editor considers an article’s length, thematic relevance, and readability in comparison to the others before they can finalise the print issue’s layout. Each issue of FedPress Magazine is 24 pages long and comprises both shorter (300 words) and longer (1000 words) articles in order to offer a variety of content to their readers.


Once the content for an issue has been reviewed and approved by the Editor, it is sent to the Art Director. The Art Director assigns designers from the Art and Design team to put together content to accompany articles. The Art Director and the Assistant Art Director work on each individual article’s layout (one or two column, etc.), as well any advertisements, the front cover, and the contents page. Up to three draft versions of the issue are sent through to the editorial team for review, which includes proofreading articles and reviewing design, before a final version is sent off to Federation University’s Print Services for printing. Printing usually takes a week and once the issue has been printed it is released to the Mt Helen, Camp Street, SMB, Gippsland and Horsham campuses.

Once the magazine has been printed and distributed, each article is published on the website and promoted on social media. As each article is released to FedPress Online, the Social Media Manager captions and shares these articles across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a set social media schedule to promote our students’ work.



The editorial team strive to provide an opportunity for any interested students to experience the various production stages of putting together a printed publication, as well as seeing their work (written or pictorial) published. Students are able to work in a supportive, professional environment and each contributor is offered detailed, individual feedback on their submissions. Holding something in your hand that you helped produce is incredibly satisfying, and the experience looks impressive on your résumé.

If you are interested in finding out about how to get involved with the editorial team or contribute content, you can contact the editorial team via email ( or you can follow them on social media.