Why? It’s the only word I can associate with the new Arnott’s Shapes. Apparently after complaints that the biscuits were not flavoursome enough, the company decided to whip up some new packaging and revamp their recipe.

As anyone could tell you, change = bad. Yes, companies are always listening to customer feedback and trying to make improvements, but why change something that is good to begin with?

Frankly, I am more annoyed at the fact that Arnott’s changed their biscuits rather than what the biscuits actually taste like, because in all honesty I don’t think they taste that bad. Arnott’s were even nice enough to keep the original Barbeque flavour (along with the new one) and the same Chicken Crimpy (who eats that one though). The shapes do have more flavour, although that isn’t always a good thing (I’m talking stinky cheese Cheddar, and too-tomato Barbeque). On the plus side, the Cheese and Bacon flavour (although it does taste weird, in my opinion) no longer leaves your fingers smelling like super-fake bacon like the old ones did.

One thing I cannot get over though is the change of biscuit. Not only have the flavours changed but the biscuit itself is different too, and not for the better. The taste and texture of the new biscuits just seem cheap and thin, not like the originals.

Overall, I can’t say that I like the new Shapes, I really wish they had just left them alone.

2.5 star shapes out of 5

Review by Cassandra Lovett