Running social soccer last semester, I really enjoyed watching the games and seeing the enjoyment that all the students had while playing.

I believe that in any community having social events, such as soccer, is very important. In my first year of university (last year) I was invited to play and I had an amazing time — chatting and connecting with people who are studying was really enjoyable.  When an email came out at the start of the year asking for volunteers to help run social soccer, it didn’t take me long to decide that if I could give others an opportunity to have the amount of fun I did, then I would.

I learnt a lot from the whole experience, such as taking on viewpoints to help the competition move forward. Including play-offs in the final round gave the students a real incentive to engage, and was also a chance to catch up and enjoy what was a great season, with all students having input in how it unfolded.

To anyone who is thinking about getting involved in volunteering for an event at the university or in the community, I would highly recommend it. Giving something back and being involved in something that you are passionate about makes for a lot of fun!

I look forward to building on what I have learnt from semester one and hopefully social soccer is bigger and better for semester two.

Words by Brendan Caffrey

Brendan Caffrey