My exciting journey started when I first stepped onto my FedUni campus. Everything was new to me and everyone was so welcoming that I felt positive whenever I was there.

In my first semester I attended the ‘One Small Thing’ conference, which was a two-day event. I had the opportunity to listen to different ideas and one common thread that connected everyone there was a shared idea for a better future for all.

Through this conference I visited the Wendouree Community Centre, which inspired me to work in the community to develop and encourage the younger generation for a better future. This is where I got my first opportunity to work for the community under an amazing and inspiring supervisor from the YMCA. After the interview process and all the checks, this wonderful person told me if I wanted, I could volunteer directly under her supervision at Delacombe office. I was happy to take her up on her offer — I have enjoyed my work with YMCA volunteering in the community and I am learning things for a lifetime.

Now in my second semester, I am a member of the International Student Committee and Peer Supporter for international students, where I communicate with new international students and help create a positive experience for all. I am also a mentor with AIME, where I have had the opportunity to mentor Indigenous school students. It has been fun to share some personal experiences to develop their self-confidence.

Coming from a different country, everything was new to me and I was very hesitant to try things. I worked very hard to develop the courage and sincerity to move forward in things I believed in. I have had a very positive experience from this amazing country where I am learning at every step of my journey.

Through my willingness and positive interactions I also had the opportunity to work in the library as casual staff, shelving books. It is such an amazing feeling when your hands touch so many books. I’ve had amazing support at the library where all the library staff supported and guided me throughout my work.

My academic learning comes from attending insightful lectures, working with distinctive individuals on group assignments as well as participating in insightful workshops and training sessions.

I encourage myself to attend as many workshops I can. I feel there is so much to learn in this world and contribute towards future development. I am looking forward to making the best of my university life and making FedUni proud. I am thankful to everyone for encouraging me and guiding me throughout my life at FedUni.

Words by Premnath Chakarvarty