Volunteering… Here’s my volunteering journey and the joys it has brought to my life. Give it a go, you never know what it could do to you!

I have had many volunteering experiences, from leadership roles to primary school helper, first aid work to travelling across the globe to third world countries, to currently being a member of the FedPress Editorial Team.

Throughout school, I applied for leadership roles to help build up different skills, which have allowed me to be an effective part of the leadership program here at the university where I continue to volunteer my time and enhance my skills.

I travelled to Africa three years ago, volunteering at an orphanage for ten days. During this time I assisted with community projects and refurbishments of buildings. Last year, I went to India where I fed the homeless in Delhi and listened to their stories

My most recent role involves working in a team where we produce the magazine you see around the university and are now reading. I joined the FedPress team to be involved in the design side of things, but I noticed that there were other areas I wanted to try out. At the moment I am focusing on organising events for FedPress and learning different skills in the editorial team. That is a perk to volunteering, you can try new things! It’s your choice!

All my experiences have taught me different things. The highlights of my journey have been travelling to Africa, India, and being a part of an editorial team. Volunteering is something that not only benefits the people you choose to help, but also yourself. It has allowed me to build up professional relationships and lifelong skills, and it has allowed me to have a different outlook on life and the way I choose to live it.

Volunteering has allowed me to take something out of every experience and make me a better person. So how about you give it a go, try volunteering a bit of your time for the upcoming National Student Volunteer Week (8—14 August). I can assure you, there will be many benefits for you and others.

Words by Selin Kasif