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August 2016

Top 3 Geeked Out Movies

The Federation Generation have spoken. After venturing out to the university’s Mt Helen Campus and the FedUni Living residence, Jemacra Place, over the past week, I asked a range of students to pick their top five ‘Geeked Out’ movies. From… Continue Reading →

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Why? It’s the only word I can associate with the new Arnott’s Shapes. Apparently after complaints that the biscuits were not flavoursome enough, the company decided to whip up some new packaging and revamp their recipe. As anyone could tell… Continue Reading →

Check Mate Review

There are a lot of services around the uni that aim to work with students to help them academically. I recently found out about Check Mate from a lecturer; while there is a very nice page that goes into great… Continue Reading →

Interview with Megan Corder

All the way from the USA, we caught up with Campus Life’s new resident intern, Megan Corder. We asked Megan some questions about her exciting time exploring a new country and experiencing what FedUni has to offer during a chilly… Continue Reading →

Social Soccer

Running social soccer last semester, I really enjoyed watching the games and seeing the enjoyment that all the students had while playing. I believe that in any community having social events, such as soccer, is very important. In my first… Continue Reading →

My Journey at FedUni so Far

My exciting journey started when I first stepped onto my FedUni campus. Everything was new to me and everyone was so welcoming that I felt positive whenever I was there. In my first semester I attended the ‘One Small Thing’… Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Post-Grad Students

I wake up, stumble out of bed and look over towards my phone. No messages, and still some time before midday. Winning! Shall I shower? Brush my teeth? Nah, I have no one to see anyway. “Okay,” I think to… Continue Reading →

We Rise by Lifting Others

Volunteering… Here’s my volunteering journey and the joys it has brought to my life. Give it a go, you never know what it could do to you! I have had many volunteering experiences, from leadership roles to primary school helper,… Continue Reading →


Straight up, I’m scared of flying. I hate it. A slight bump of turbulence at 40,000 feet is enough to instantly drench me in a cold sweat and have me clenching the armrests at either side of my seat. Whether… Continue Reading →

What I Hate About Facebook: A Modest Venting

From the depths of my spleen, I will now take the time and effort to comment on what grinds my gears about social media. In the style of lists that the internet knows and loves, I will now countdown my… Continue Reading →

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