With the first semester of training over, the FedUni Ultimate club has seen a massive improvement in both the returning and new players’ skill and love for Ultimate. Training in Ballarat comes with its own set of challenges with its wild winds and cold, miserable days. This has not deterred the team from training hard twice a week in rain, hail, or shine, in preparation for the Southern Uni Games (SUGs) held in Footscray from 3—7 July.

This year we managed to assemble two teams to enter into the SUGs:

FedUni Cyclone
Captained by Brayd
en Bonell-Huy and Deborah Lorca
Cyclone is looking in great form for the SUGs with the height to catch those long hucks to the end-zone, and the skills to move the disc easily down the field.

FedUni Hurricane
ed by Tyler Ryan and Mary Toney
Hurricane has what it takes to move the disc freely up the field and outplay their opposition, with an in-depth knowledge of the plays that we have been practising over the last 12 weeks.

Both teams are looking strong and eager to play; if matched up during the SUGs it will definitely be a thrilling and memorable game of Ultimate with either team capable of taking the win. However, the SUGs is not the only tournament that we have been training for; in the last few weeks of the semester FedUni Ultimate has also entered teams into two additional one-day tournaments: the AUS U20’s fundraising event and the God Save the Queen Tournament, both held in Melbourne. Both days were a great success with everyone showcasing their improved skills and overall enjoyment with smiles all around.

If you are interested in learning more about the Fed Uni Ultimate club, please go to our Facebook page or send an email to feduniultimate@gmail.com

Words by Nathan Parish

Ultimate Frisbee by Nathan Parish