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July 2016

Crows: Black Birds with Brains?

We’ve all seen or heard of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, but current research suggests that eventually we may be able to do the same with crows. Crows have always held a place within our culture. From Norse… Continue Reading →

One Punch Man Review

One Punch Man Imagine if you had the ability to absolutely destroy any obstacle that dared stand in your way with just one single punch. Sounds awesome right? Well, no… apparently not. Originating from a crudely drawn (but totally awesome)… Continue Reading →

Senate Six (July 2016)

1. The Blue Tie Ball is back The annual Blue Tie Ball is set to return bigger and better than ever. The Student Senate has partnered with Campus Life and beyondblue for the event, to reach more students in the… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Discovered from Constantly Attempting to Learn Another Language

Every time a holiday rolls around, I find myself picking up where I left off in my quest to learn a new language. Each time I have learnt something new and very interesting, which prompts me to consider a completely… Continue Reading →

Fandom: Why and How We Become Obsessed with Fictional Characters and Places

We’re all familiar with fandom. I’m sure at one point or another in your life you have come to know and love a particular fictional character or place. This love is so great that it evolves into an obsession. We… Continue Reading →

Already a Classic

Views by Drake Drake’s first studio album in three years, Views follows the release of his hit singles including ‘Hotline Bling’, arguably the biggest and best song of 2015; ‘One Dance’ featuring Wizkid and Kyla; and ‘Pop Style’ featuring Jay-Z… Continue Reading →


They say that a messy desk shows a messy mind — if that’s the case, my mind must be gridlocked. My desk is where paper goes to die. I have four inboxes in my office and not one of those… Continue Reading →

The Final Wall

We had always been farmers. Our village had grown because of the fertile land around us. We had a stream full of fish and we were well guarded by the mountains on one side. Our winters were mild and our… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Frisbee

With the first semester of training over, the FedUni Ultimate club has seen a massive improvement in both the returning and new players’ skill and love for Ultimate. Training in Ballarat comes with its own set of challenges with its… Continue Reading →

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