One year ago, a devastating earthquake tore through Nepal, ripping apart homes, schools and taking family members from loved ones. Though clouds were forming and hope almost lost its way, it seems that in the moments of destruction, darkness and chaos, true humanity was found; light shone through and survivors prevailed. A desire to give was awakened in society, and The Help Nepal Appeal was brought to life. Let’s not think of what was lost, but what has been gained. Resilience and kindness gave hope, there grew the power of giving.


My name is Jody Dontje and I am the founder of a not-for-profit initiative, The Help Nepal Appeal. After graduating from Ballarat’s Federation University Australia last year, I moved to London to gain teaching experience in a range of contexts. While working here in the London schools, my mind continuously lingers on the struggling children I seek to support in Nepal. While in London, I am networking, gathering experience and knowledge, and collecting resources to help with future projects. Furthermore, to mark the one-year anniversary of the appeal, I attended a World Educators Conference last week in Barcelona, Spain. This opportunity allowed me to connect with influential people from around the world, and to learn from their teaching experiences. I am excited about future prospects with these new connections.

Since the earthquakes on 25 April 2015, and the first year of the appeal, I saw how the kindness of staff and students at FedUni Australia, and the local community, could help those in need in Nepal. Now, in the New Year, I extend my heart and plea back to Federation University members to help sustain these supportive projects in Nepal.


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Dhanyabad (thank you)!

Hami aruka lagi bachnuparchha – We should live for others.