I Can Feel It EP by Hey Violet

In 2012, when their youngest member was just 14 years old, Los Angeles–based band Cherri Bomb took on Australian music festival Soundwave, having already opened for top billing acts including The Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters.

Rena Lovelis (17), Nia Lovelis (19), and Miranda Miller (20), three-quarters of Cherri Bomb’s original lineup, and new addition, Casey Moreta (20) make up the pop-rock quartet Hey Violet. In 2015 the band released their first EP I Can Feel It featuring four boppy hits and one exceptional ballad.

I Can Feel It sounds like The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen and The Veronicas’ Lisa and Jessica Origliasso mind-melded to churn out anthemic tunes for the post ‘00s age. With breathy vocals and an unrivaled, all-female rhythm section, this EP is not to be missed. Stand out tracks include ‘Sparks Fly’, for its inspired lyrical content, ‘Can’t Take Back the Bullet’ for its end-of-an-Amanda-Bynes-movie moxie, and ‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Should’, the feel-good hit with cheeky, layered vocals that is sure to get stuck in your head after a single listen.

If you’re into effortlessly enthusiastic performers with enviable hair and musical talent beyond belief, or if you’re super into daggy dancing in your PJs whilst you brush your teeth, check out Hey Violet’s I Can Feel It EP. It’s worth four and a half stars and a packet of watermelon Chupa Chups.

Words by Scarlette Baum