Based on student feedback, your Student Senate is moving from the ‘Student Senate Snapshot’ to the ‘Senate Six’ to bring you the latest updates from your representatives. Here are the top six issues, actions, or achievements from your current Student Senate team, to keep you in the loop of what we’re working on and what you might like to comment on.

1. Textbooks and You: Building on 2015 Senate actions to improve FedUni’s focus on the availability of booklists in a far more timely manner, the 2016 Senate continues to talk with key stakeholders in the supply chain, in order to further improve communication of what you need, and how to get it in the most efficient and cost-effective way. A new online system for book requirement collections from faculties is under development and your Student Senate representatives continue to host the growing bi-annual Book Exchanges for cheaper access.

2. Magic Arrives at FedUni: Your Sports Rep, Mary, is driving the formation of a new club for students to participate in — Quidditch! It is now a real-life sport growing globally and FedUni students now have the opportunity to get involved. After a fantastic feature match the club plans to spread to more campuses where students show their interest. Email to join the fun.

3. FedUni + FedUniSenate = Happier FedUni Students: FedUni Senate has made a fresh push for all FedUni departments to improve communication channels with the Student Voice. There are now new active partnerships forming to improve the flow of information between Senate, the University, and the students.

4. Campus activation… S Building: Following engagement from the project team, your Senate has been collecting student feedback on the major redevelopment of the centre of the Mt Helen campus. Check out the plans on social media and keep posted for future opportunities to provide your feedback. The ITS/Facilities portfolio is also seeking feedback on new facilities projects across campuses.

5. Defining Senate Consultation: The Senate is working on defining new requirements for staff to clarify ‘Senate Consultation’ after noticing inappropriate use without adequate communication with the Student Senate.  Ensuring appropriate consultation to involve the Student Voice takes place and looking for ways to engage the wider student body is currently a key action for Senate members.

6. Getting Started on the Right Foot: Ensuring the timely release and the appropriate content of Course Descriptions (CD) is an ongoing priority for the Senate, as the earlier release of CDs will greatly help Higher Ed students. Highlighting courses not complying with the new policy of earlier release dates and improving the depth of information is crucial. EVALUate feedback about the CDs is a key ongoing action.

Join the conversation with your Senate representatives on campus or online, as we continue to make sure FedUni rocks even more every day with your help. #FedUniSenate