Everybody loves Dwayne Johnson. He is probably one of the most fun-loving, charismatic leading men in Hollywood. Every movie could do with a little more of what The Rock is cooking. Imagine if The Rock played Superman’s best friend in Man of Steel? Or was running through dreams alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception? I know what you’re thinking…Oh my god, I need to see these movies! Unfortunately, they don’t exist. But these five movies do.

Pain & Gain
Yes, I did just start this list with a Michael Bay movie. I understand that you probably want to stop reading around about now, but this one isn’t actually that bad. In fact, it’s pretty fun. Michael Bay dials back his excessive excessiveness to tell the true story of three bodybuilders who are so desperate to become famous they decide to kidnap, steal and murder. Yeah, it’s an odd decision to make true events such as these into an action comedy, but if you set that aside, it’s pretty entertaining. Plus, this film has a pretty awesome cast with Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie.

Get Smart
In this modern retelling of the 1960s TV show, Dwayne Johnson plays the smooth-talking badass, Agent 23. The Rock gets a chance to showcase his great comedic timing and chemistry with just about everyone on the cast (including Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway). You can tell he is having a lot of fun with the role, his reactions to Steve Carell’s comedy are just beautiful. It’s been such long time since I’ve seen this movie but one of the things I remember most is the feeling of, I want to be that man whenever Johnson was on screen. The kind of feeling you get when you watch a Bond movie. Maybe he should play the next Bond? No, that’s ridiculous. Or is it…?

Fast & Furious 6
The Fast & Furious franchise is an odd one and I’m not just talking about the weird naming conventions (The Fast and The Furious and Fast & Furious are two different movies?). How often has a franchise actually gotten better as more sequels have come out? Can you think of any? It’s a series that just took the ridiculous idea of high-powered car heists and made it even more insane — somehow… I think it’s easier to just think of these movies as superhero films at this point, it makes the stunts easier to swallow. Anyway, this is the second film in the franchise that stars Johnson’s Federal Agent Hobbs, this time working alongside Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. It’s amazing, that’s all you can really say.

The Rundown (A.K.A Welcome to the Jungle)[1]
Dwayne Johnson is pretty much the perfect actor for a buddy cop movie. He’s massive, a badass, and pretty damn funny. In this movie the Rock plays a retired bounty hunter who has to head into the rainforest in order to track down his employer’s son. Sure it’s not the most original premise but when you have big stars like Seann William Scott, Christopher Walken and our main man Dwayne, it doesn’t really matter. Plus, it’s probably one of the funniest movies on this list.

Fast 5
See what I mean about the naming conventions? This is the fifth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise and it’s here where most people agree the films get really good. Now, it’s probably just a coincidence that the Rock has his first appearance as Johnson’s Agent Hobbs, the role he was born to play. But I like to think that The Rock’s natural charisma just sort of bled out into the rest of the movie and made everyone love it as much as they love him. I know I said earlier that this franchise gets better and better with each movie, and I know Fast 5 came before Fast & Furious 6,  but honestly, this is number one purely for the fight scene between The Rock and Vin Diesel. It’s the perfect visual representation of pure testosterone and, in a movie about babes, big engines and biceps (haha, did I seriously just write that?) that’s saying a lot.

And the worst… The Mummy Returns
I know this is unfair, The Mummy Returns could well be the best movie in this list. But do you remember what the Scorpion King actually looked like? Talk about uncanny valley. It’s so creepy you can’t help but laugh to alleviate the tension. Even though his worst movie is probably something like The Tooth Fairy or whatever, this movie wins (loses?) just for that awful CGI.

Words by Zach Mullane

[1] Released as Welcome to the Jungle in Australia, but can be found on Netflix as The Rundown