Your Student Senate brings you May’s SSAF Service of the Month: the Student Advisory Service.

The Student Advisory Service is a fount of student policy knowledge and key advice for all of your university concerns. There are staff available to help you manage what can be a complex world of committees, procedures and processes. The role of the Student Advisory Service is to act on your behalf and help you to achieve the best outcome based on your situation.

There are a range of issues that can interfere with the smooth sailing you hope for during your time as a student, including issues such as special consideration, plagiarism, academic progress concerns, complaints and grievances. Helping you prepare for meetings, guiding you through university legislation, attending meetings with you and drafting essential letters for addressing your issues are just some of the ways that Student Advisory staff can help make a tough situation easier.

The Student Advisory Service also works with the Student Senate to resolve issues that arise through student feedback, and to promote the continuous review of policies related to students when reoccurring concerns are identified. They support students from across multiple campuses, study modes and backgrounds, and can be the go-to place when you don’t know where to go.

Gippsland Students, don’t forget that MUGSU Student Rights Officers are available to address your concerns as well. Contact

For more info on SSAF Funds, how much you pay and what they can be spent on read more from the Student Senate, here.

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Words by Jess Kelly

SSAF May 2016