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May 2016

Why Your Essay Sucks (Part Four): Misused Punctuation and Absentee Flair

Yeah, that’s right, you heard me. Punctuation. This is going to be the longest of this series (by quite a margin), and really more of an optional read. You should still read it, though, you might learn something.

Boppy Anthems For the Post ’00s Age

In 2012, when their youngest member was just 14 years old, Los Angeles–based band Cherri Bomb took on Australian music festival Soundwave, having already opened for top billing acts including The Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters.

A Country Serial

Johnny leaned back a little and smiled; he loved this part.  He tilted his foot forward and the rumble of the engine thickened in his chest as the black Chevy convertible gained speed. His narrowed his eyes against the flicker… Continue Reading →

Yellow Skies

Upon visiting Melbourne’s Metanoia Theatre Space to experience Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company’s most recent production, Yellow Skies, I knew the show would be a success the moment I realised I forgot where I was.

Why Your Essay Sucks (Part Three): Inadequate Referencing and Poor Form

Ask any veteran student what the worst part of an assignment is and they will invariably respond, “Referencing,” with a look of conditioned despair. Because it is, by nature, tedious and not at all interesting, many students lose marks for… Continue Reading →

Baker’s Dozen Theatre Company

Recently I was approached about writing a theatre review for Yellow Skies, an original Australian production that premiered last Wednesday at the Metanoia Theatre in Melbourne. The play has been written, directed, and produced by some of the Arts Academy’s… Continue Reading →

Senate Six (May 2016)

Based on student feedback, your Student Senate is moving from the ‘Student Senate Snapshot’ to the ‘Senate Six’ to bring you the latest updates from your representatives. Here are the top six issues, actions, or achievements from your current Student… Continue Reading →

Will I Ever See This Song the Same Again

If you’re a fan of rock, odds are you’re familiar with the song ’Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again‘ by The Angels. Even if you only have a casual interest, you probably recognise the response to the chorus… Continue Reading →

The (Not So) Definitive List of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Best Movies

Everybody loves Dwayne Johnson. He is probably one of the most fun-loving, charismatic leading men in Hollywood. Every movie could do with a little more of what The Rock is cooking. Imagine if The Rock played Superman’s best friend in… Continue Reading →

Why Your Essay Sucks (Part Two): Mediocre Voice and Not Answering the Question

You’re smart, yeah? And you can hold, win or kill an argument in tutes? Your notes are super organised and (unlike mine) legible. So why are your essays coming back with Pass marks, not Distinctions? Two reasons: lack of an… Continue Reading →

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