Meet Your Student Senate Leadership

The Student Senate met for their first official meeting on 18 February and already they have each achieved a lot — both individually and collaboratively — to improve your student experience.

A diverse and passionate collection of current students are dedicating themselves to being your voice and generating the positive change we all want to see.

The vision statement for the Student Senate in 2016 is:

Student Senate Quote

So, who’s who in the leadership zoo?

Name: Sam McColl
Course: Advanced Diploma of Live Production & Management Services
Campus: SMB
Senate Position: SMB Campus Representative

Vice Chair
Name: Beth Mooney
Course: Bachelor of Management (HR)
Campus: Mt Helen
Senate Position: Appeals Committee Representative

Academic Portfolio Chair
Name: Brianna MacDonald
Course: Bachelor of Arts (Acting)
Campus: Camp St
Senate Position: Education & Arts Faculty Board Rep

Communications Portfolio Chair
Name: Amy Dalrymple
Course: Bachelor of Community Welfare & Counselling
Campus: Distance Ed
Senate Position: Online Students Representative

ITS & Facilities Portfolio Chair
Name: Amy Rickard
Course: Bachelor of Psychological Sciences
Campus: Mt Helen
Senate Position: Mt Helen Higher Education Representative

So whatever issues or suggestions you bring to us this year, we have you covered. Join the conversation to improve your student experience.

Words by Jess Kelly