Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk (2016)

After an embarrassing blow out over Naughty Boy leaking an unfinished collaboration from the pair last year, Zayn Malik has released his first solo single under the name Zayn. The track, ‘Pillowtalk’, features Malik’s lazy yet perfect vocals — the only saving grace from the song’s completely two-dimensional portrayal of a romantic and sexual relationship.

If it was Malik’s intention to show that he’s matured since his departure from the tightly controlled and marketed boy band, One Direction, this track is a poor excuse. Lacking any real depth and packed to the rafters with dismal lyrics, the instrumentals and production are right on-trend, yet they don’t offer anything new to the genre.

Whether you’re a One Direction fan or a wary first-time listener, ‘Pillowtalk’ is as shallow as a shower and bland at best. Despite how magnificently catchy this droll track is — it sounds soulful at first listen, due to Malik’s masterful RnB vocals — it is no exaggeration to claim that this track could put me to sleep. Thanks, Zzzayn.

I give ‘Pillowtalk’ one and a half stars out of five, and a gold ‘you tried’ star sticker. Better luck next time, Malik!

Review by Scarlette Baum