Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF): knowing what it is, how much you pay and where it is used is an important part of being a Higher Ed student — and we’re here to help!

SSAF is a compulsory fee that supports the university in providing you with student-specific services and amenities beyond the normal academic environment. SSAF spending is regulated by Higher Education Legislation Amendment Act 2011, which specifies how Australian universities can and can’t spend the fees they collect.

Students first encounter SSAF when reviewing fees during enrolment — eligible students can apply for a SA-HELP loan paid by the government, which you pay back alongside your other HELP debts, or you can choose to pay the amount in full up-front (students eligible for loans can use a combination of these options).

SSAF Sport Activities

At FedUni your SSAF goes into lots of great things to make your time more enjoyable and comfortable — sometimes it’s obvious, like furniture and physical areas (highlighted by the Green SSAF at Work signs), and sometimes you might not realise just how much SSAF is building the student experience around you. Current spending areas include:

  • Free food
  • O Week Events
  • Sport and recreation activities
  • Careers and Employment service
  • FedPress and so much more

SSAF also ensures that students are able to seek support in matters that may impact their student experience. The following services at FedUni are supported by SSAF to make sure your voice is heard:

  • Student Advisory Service: Any matters relating directly to the University experience such as appeals, grievances and more.
  • Student Senate running costs: Your Student Voice — that’s me and up to 23 other
  • Senate representatives providing diverse perspectives on the whole FedUni experience!
  • Free Legal Service: A community legal service to support non-university legal concerns.

Your Student Senate are the key student body in consulting the University on how your SSAF should be spent on each year, so we always love to get feedback on what students appreciate, dislike or would like to have introduced!

Check out #YourSSAFatWork on social media to follow our campaign, highlighting how your SSAF is being used at FedUni and how you can benefit, while thinking about what you would like to see more or less of, because they’re your fees at work —raise your voice!

Words by Jess Kelly

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