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April 2016

Who’s Who in the Leadership Zoo

Meet Your Student Senate Leadership The Student Senate met for their first official meeting on 18 February and already they have each achieved a lot — both individually and collaboratively — to improve your student experience. A diverse and passionate… Continue Reading →


Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk (2016) After an embarrassing blow out over Naughty Boy leaking an unfinished collaboration from the pair last year, Zayn Malik has released his first solo single under the name Zayn. The track, ‘Pillowtalk’, features Malik’s lazy… Continue Reading →

Consumer Rights

I have recently been talking with a few friends and we have all had experiences with faulty products. This, along with the recent news of several large stores taken to task by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), made… Continue Reading →

Everyday Horror

You feel a weight upon your chest. Even before you open your eyes, you can smell the putrid breath of some creature. It is rank with the decaying flesh of those that it has consumed, it makes the hairs on… Continue Reading →

Giant Squid – Cenotes (2011)

Three-armed blue men, hyper-intelligent fish, Gaian vengeance and a surprisingly educational apocalypse, all set to a progressive, semi-sludge metal soundtrack. These are the reasons that Giant Squid’s 2011 release Cenotes is one of the albums I can’t stop listening to…. Continue Reading →

New Sound, Same Ol’ Mistakes

Rhianna – Anti (2016) Though Rihanna’s eighth studio album, Anti, probably isn’t the album anybody expected it to be, it’s clear from the on-set that Anti is the album that Rihanna needed to release. Unlike Rihanna’s previous albums — think… Continue Reading →

SSAF Service of the Month (April)

Your Student Senate brings you April’s SSAF Service of the Month: Sport & Recreation! SSAF funds can be utilised to support the running of sporting or other recreational activities for students, and at FedUni that comes in many forms across… Continue Reading →

#YourSSAFatWork: An Introduction to Your SSAF at FedUni

Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF): knowing what it is, how much you pay and where it is used is an important part of being a Higher Ed student — and we’re here to help! SSAF is a compulsory fee… Continue Reading →

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