Introducing the ‘SSAF Service of the Month’ brought to you by your FedUni Student Senate to showcase how your SSAF contributions are being utilised.

As the end of February arrives, #FedUniOWeek makes its big return where new students and returners alike can begin planning an epic week ahead. O Week is just one example of the awesome events and activities supported in part, by your SSAF fees. Regular free food, discounted uni student events and social activities (such as UniBall),  all receive SSAF funding to provide students with improved experiences beyond their day-to-day academic life.

For more info about what you can get involved in for #FedUniOWeek read more here.

Keep an eye out for the #YourSSAFatWork to follow how your SSAF contributions are creating a better FedUni student experience.

For more info on SSAF Funds you can read here.

Words by Jess Kelly