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Horoscopes: African Zodiac

The African Zodiac signs are based upon the ancestral symbols of African culture and it is likely to focus on the strengths and weaknesses you possess and by which you are able to understand your life in a different light… Continue Reading →

Drivers of Compassion and Love: a Visit to the United Nations

I so often take gifts like safe drinking water for granted! It’s crazy to think that one in ten people do not have access to something so readily available in countries like Australia.

How I’ll Meet Your Mother

The Horizon Class Elevator. Two-point-seven square metres from wall to wall. The passenger casing was seamless and consisted of thirteen layers of Habitation-grade Simplex. Each layer was coated with two-way Mirroflect and laced with reactive ash. It created the illuminated… Continue Reading →

Why We Must Care: The Robot Philosopher

We are not machines newly constructed for our current realities — Stephen Jay Gould.

Red Bands

Running. Running. Running from the Red Bands.

When Death Calls

I am always near, just an accident away.

Eat ’em Alive

Time is a funny concept. It’s universal, but it has been measured differently in different cultures throughout history.

The Number Four

Coming back to uni after working has reinforced something I have suspected for a while: I can’t think more than four moves ahead.

Letting Go

Letting Go   I have had the bones of this article floating around in my head for so long that you could make a stock out of my brain juice.

Micro Escapes

Stepping out of your routine every now and then should be a requirement for all students.

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